About Voisey’s Bay: The Opportunity

In 1995 Diamond Fields Exploration, a relatively unknown junior explorer, announced the discovery of a large nickel sulphide deposit in Labrador near Voisey’s Bay. The magnitude of this discovery triggered a major staking rush that drew dozens of other exploration companies to the district, and for several years mineral rights within this highly prospective district were among the most sought after in the world. As a result of this intense competition to secure property rights, prices were driven higher and most companies were only able to secure small parcels of property.

Ultimately the Voisey’s Bay deposit was developed into one of the largest nickel mine currently operating in Canada. It is not uncommon for the geological conditions that led to the formation of large sulphide deposits to extend across a wider area, opening the potential for additional mineral deposits to be discovered. Unfortunately the patchwork of exploration programs conducted in the area, scouring the near-surface with technology available at the time, did not make an economic discovery, and the attention of the mining world wandered to other jurisdictions.

The passage of time has created an opportunity to assemble a large, contiguous package of property in close proximity to the original discovery near Voisey’s Bay. And the emergence of more effective exploration technology has improved the odds for exploration, allowing explorers to search much deeper for signatures of economic mineralization.